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Hauner Hiera 2012


Product Description

90WA - Wine Advocate's Monica Larner's Greatest Value Wines of 2014!

"Made from grapes farmed on the highly volcanic island of Vulcano (with steaming sulfur fumaroles and beaches made of pumice stone), it is a wine that stands apart from the rest. The quality of fruit is immediately apparent and bright. Hiera opens to a deep dark color with ripe notes of raspberry jam and cassis. Indeed, that ripeness of fruit is very well-managed; there's a fullness and generosity on hand that never feels sticky or heavy. Bright veins of acidity are woven within the thick texture of the wine. Drink 2014-2018." - Monica Larner, Wine Advocate, 90 points!

"A beautiful deep luminous ruby red color with light grenade glares. The bouquet of wide-reaching character is full of sensations that range from small ripe red fruits like blackberries and blueberries to underlying notes of vanilla and cardamon which blend together with minerals like graphite. Aromatic and generous in flavor; soft and smooth to the taste leaving room for the delicate and well-bodied tannins. Warm and sunny character lends itself to drinking with long harmonious lingering flavor on the palate." - Winery

60% Alicante, 30% Nocera and 10% Nero d'Avola (Calabrese) aged in barriques for at least one year.

Carlo Hauner, of mixed background from Brescia, who transplanted himself to the Aeolian Islands, was the creator of the agricultural firm that carries his name. As a young name, Hauner was a painter and, not yet 20 years old, exhibited at the Biennale di Venezia. As he matured as a designer, he obtained relevant success in the international field. His passion for winemaking can be viewed as the ultimate challenge of an intense life scattered with interests.

In 1963, he arrived in the Aeolian islands for the first time, when tourism dared making its first timid appearance. After several summer vacations, which became more and more extended in the seventies, Haunter transfered to Salina. Always a bit curious and restless,he became attracted to the cultivation of Malvasia - a grape which local farmers harvest the second half of September and sundry for two weeks or so on mats, making the famous Passito della Lipari. Hauner learned the local winemaking techniques like this and integrated them with the study of modern and ancient standards. When he decided that his acquired knowledghe and creativity could give a contribution to a wine, he went searching for plots of land which had remained uncultivated due to the large emigration of thousands of Aeolians to Australia and America.

Hauner succeeded in putting together twenty hectares which he renovated, restoring the ancient terraces and reviving them as vineyards. He introduced some new innovations: withering the grape on the vine and experimenting with cooling techniques during fermentation. His small revolutions fascinated the experts, beginning with Veronelli, a famous wine critic, bringing Hauner's Malvasia to the tables of prestigious restaurants, first in Italy and France, the United States, Great Britain, Japan and other countries.

Hauner's new winery sprung up in the eighties in Lingua, a small charming suburb of Santa Marina Salina. The winery's building was built in Aeolian style equipped with a modern refrigeration installation and stainless steel casks stacked side by side with oak barrels used for aging wines. The new winery's inauguration coincided with the ever-growing interest which revived Malvasia among critics, journalists etc. Visits to the winery by Carlo Hauner, now a well-known personality, became more and more frequent, contributing to the widening fame of the Aeolian archipelago and the prestigious wine produced there. It was during these years that the winery added Il Salina Bianco, Il Salina Rosso, Carlo Hauner Bianco aged in barrique and Antonello Rosso, a wine of grand extraction aged in barrique.

After the death of Carlo in February 1996, the company is energetically led by his son Carlo Jr with the precious collaboration of Gianfranco Sabbatino. Today, nearly 50,000 bottles of Malvasia are produced.

In the wine labels, we find the forms and colors so loved by their creator Hauner: the Aeolian architecture, the colors in Salina's vegetation (defined as Isola Verde by all the tourist brochures), the reds and oranges of the moon and dawn, the black of the volcano, the blue of the sea. These labels are reproductions of Hauner's artwork.

Region: Sicily, Italy
Rating: 90WA
Type: Red
Grape: Alicante, Nocera and Nero d'Avola

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