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General FAQ

Do you substitute vintages?

The short answer is "NO". What you see on the website is what you will get. We understand and love wine too and we empathize with the frustration of a wine buyer who receives a wrong vintage. So rest assured: we will never intentionally substitute a vintage. We have a big catalog and sincerely make every effort to keep our descriptions up to date and accurate. In the rare event that we make a mistake in our descriptions or misreport a vintage, we will contact you to check if you are ok receiving an alternative and if you are not, we will refund your purchase.

Do you offer express shipping?

We no longer offer express shipping via the website. We used to offer 3-day and next-day shipping however this was not a good value proposition: given the low volume of express shipping we do, we were unable to negotiate competitive rates. We currently ship only via FedEx ground service. If you need something delivered urgently, we will make every effort to accommodate your request. Call us at (877) 446-WINE to review your options.

Is the website secure? Will my information be safe?

Absolutely! WineZetta.com runs on the BigCommerce platform and uses the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway to process credit card transactions. Both these providers are best in class and provide the highest level of security and reliability.

Can I shop online and pickup for free in the store?

The option to shop online and pickup in store has been temporarily disabled. All orders will have to be shipped to the recipient. We apologize for this temporary inconvenience and it will be fixed soon.

What happens if there is breakage in transit? Or if my package is lost in transit?

All our shipments are insured for the invoice price of the wine. Please contact us with details and we will file a claim and have your favorite wine reshipped or provide you with a refund. Rest assured, we use high quality packaging material and instances of breakages are extremely rare.

How do I track my order?

You will receive a FedEx tracking number via email once your order is shipped. You can track your order using this number via the FedEx website: www.fedex.com/us/

I placed an order and changed my mind. Can I cancel my order?

If your order has already left our premises, then we can not cancel your order. We have a "No Returns or Exchange" policy because by law, we cannot accept returns of alcoholic beverages unless the product is corked or flawed. If you order has not left our premises, then we can cancel your order subject to a 10% cancellation charge. This charge is to cover two way credit card fees and restocking.

Why do you have a "No Returns or Exchange" policy?

By law, we cannot accept returns of alcoholic beverages unless the product is corked or flawed. Further, since we cannot control how items are stored after they leave our store, we will only accept defective items for exchange within 15 days of purchase. Also, as a wine consumer, would you like to consume wine that was shipped out to someone else and then returned to us while we had no control over how it was stored? Likely not so beware of stores that accept returns.

Do you hold wine orders?

Yes, we hold wine orders. There is no additional charge for this service and this is extended as a courtesy to our customers. Wine on hold can not be returned or exchanged and there are absolutely no exceptions to this policy. The reason for this is to avoid customers buying a wine that is in high demand and then shopping around for a better internet deal. This is very disadvantageous to our customers willing to pay our current prices which are always extremely competitive. While the wine on hold is stored in ideal storage conditions, we are not responsible for wine held especially as we do not charge for this service. The storage risks for wine orders on hold immediately shift to the customer and we are not responsible for fulfilling orders held beyond a reasonable period. Please also see the FAQ on our "No Returns or Exchange" policy.

I am unable to select my state as the shipping address. Is there something wrong?

We would love to ship wine across the US however the current state laws allow us to ship to only 40 states. Refer www.winezetta.com/shipping/ for the list of restricted states.

How long does shipping usually take?

Typical delivery times are:

NY: 1-3 Days       East: 2-5 Days    West: 3-7 Days

Refer www.winezetta.com/shipping/ for more details.

I have a question that’s not answered here. How do I reach you?

Please call us (914) 965-1061 or (877) 446-WINE or email us at info@winezetta.com

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