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Cape Vida Sauvignon Blanc


Product Description

"Our Sauvignon Blanc presents a complex range of flavors with gooseberry, pear, lychee, and a hint of asparagus aromas. It’s beautifully balanced, with a smooth palate and a lingering, crisp finish." - Winery

$29.95 Per 3 Liters Box: Premium boxed wines from South Africa. The proprietary packaging introduced by Cape Vida allows the wine to stay fresh for up to 4-6 weeks after opening.

Fairtrade International Certified: Cape Vida wines are certified Fairtrade and aim to have a positive impact on both the environment and in the community, through sustainable farming practices and local educational initiatives.

100% Sauvignon Blanc


  • Grapes were harvested from select farms predominantly located on cool mountain slopes
  • Vines were between 5-10 years old, grown in slightly rocky, sandy soil
  • Vines’ leaf canopies were carefully managed to ensure grape bunches were kept in the shade and away from direct sunlight
  • Grapes were harvested at night to ensure lowest possible crushing temperature


  • Once crushed, the mash was pumped into an enclosed press and kept on the grape skins for 24 hours to allow for optimal flavor extraction
  • Juice was cooled to 25oF for 2-3 weeks until excess water was frozen, then the juice underwent reverse osmosis
  • Finally, purified juice was fermented in stainless steel tanks

Food Pairing Suggestions

Best served with friends, charcuterie boards, pastas, seafood, chicken, and pork.

Region: Western Cape, South Africa
Type: White
Grape: Sauvignon Blanc
Current Stock: Out of stock

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